14,000 Lumens  *AND*  90 CRI in the Same Package


Advancing the frontier of underwater lighting, the Gates GT14 Underwater Imaging Light unites many practical features  into a compact, travelable package.  Up to 14,000 lumens of light into a wide, even 90° beam angle. A big, glove sized Power Ring rotates through 7 light levels that include a very low ‘scouting mode’ for night diving – just enough to see, navigate and setup a shot.  Fuel gage and Light Level indicators are mirrored to provide a quick glance reading from either side.  Water cooling contact just behind the LED arrays enables higher efficiencies for peak lumens output and longer burn times.  Batteries are easily changed, and charged in 3 hours.

The Gates GT14 Light meets the demands of recreational divers to underwater cinematographers with untethered, powerful illumination. Backed by Gates distinguished support and warranty – a hallmark of our commitment to your success.

Compatible with:  All Underwater Imaging Systems 

Key Features

GT14 FC 6Wx300dpi sq

 14,000 Lumens and 90 CRI

from 2 LED arrays means powerful, quality illumination.

Beam Angle 90 Deg SQR

Uniform Effective Beam Angle

covers the widest shots.  90° actual in water, >100° in air.

Durable Feature #2

Durable, "Bulletproof"

machined aluminum, black type III anodize finish and Stainless Steel hardware.

Mirrored Indicators SQR

Mirrored Light Level and Fuel Gage Indicators

Provide at-a-glance reading from either side.


Safety Features

include physical lockout, Safety Timer lockout and thermal overload shutdown.

Battery Change ii SQR

Quick Change Batteries

for zero downtime.  3 hour full charge, 80% in 75 minutes. 

Battery-Indicator-Icon3 SQR

5 Power Levels

Run times of 30 minutes at full power to over 10 hours at low power 'scouting' mode.

Rear Cap Option SQR

Optional Seal Check

Verify integrity *before* entering the water.  

Water Cooling Feature II SQR

Innovative Water Cooling

to the LED arrays increase light output efficiency and run times.

2 year warranty

Gates Warranty

and legendary service stand behind the GT14's. 


Power Level / Run Time
  • 5 Power Levels
  • Full Power: 30 minutes
  • Half Power: > 75 minutes
  • Low Power (Scouting mode): > 10 hours
Light Quality
  • 14,000 Lumens
  • 90 CRI
  • 5000K Color Temperature
  • 5.2W x 3.3H x 8.4L  in
  • 132W x 83H x 214L mm
  • 5.3H in / 135H mm with Mount Ball
Depth Rating
  • 450 feet / 137 meters
Effective Beam Angle
  • 90° Actual Underwater
  • Dry: 3.1 lbs / 1.4 kg
  • Underwater: 19 oz negative
  • Lithium Ion (Li-ion) 8 cell
  • User Replaceable
  • 84 WHrs

Optional Accessories


Filter Mount

Add any 58mm filter for custom color, diffusion or effect.

Battery Change ii SQR

Spare Quick  Change Batteries

for zero downtime.  3 hour full charge, 80% in 75 minutes. 

Rear Cap Option SQR

Optional Seal Check

Verify integrity *before* entering the water.




Special modifications are routine. You really can have it ‘just the way you like’.


GT14 Product Images

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GT14 FR 6Wx300dpi GT14 FC 6Wx300dpi sq GT14 FL 6Wx300dpi GT14 RR 6Wx300dpi