Gates Warranty

2 year warranty

2 years




The Gates Warranty is a hallmark of support.  Consider us part of your production team,  your backup for success.  Only Gates offers a professional and renewable 2 year warranty.   Our housings are simple, reliable, 'bulletproof'.

Coming back with the shot is critical.  That's why professionals the world over rely on Gates.  Failure is not an option.  That's why they say...


Don't take a chance…. take a Gates!

Warrantor:                                                                             Gates Underwater Products, Inc (Gates)

Warranted Product / Duration (from date of purchase):

  • Housings and Accessory Products:                      Two years
  • Seal Check Product                                                      One Year
  • Ports / Optics:                                                                 One Year or 100 hours water contact
  • Batteries:                                                                          Six Months
  • Electronics:                                                                      One Year
  • Non Gates manufactured items:                            According to original manufacturers warranty.

What is covered: Any defects in materials or workmanship.

What is not covered (exclusions):    The product warranties do not apply to, and Gates shall have no responsibility for:

  • Product damages by misuse, accident, abuse or improper packaging during shipment;
  • Product repaired, serviced or modified by other than Gates or Gates authorized agent;
  • Failure to follow Gates documentation for proper operation and care of Gates products;
  • Failure to activate these warranties by registration; (Gates Warranty Registration Page)
  • Items contained within a Gates housing (such as camera, batteries or electronics);
  • Image quality;
  • Products or components manufactured by third parties.

What we will do (Coverage):    In the event your Gates product fails within the applicable warranty period, Gates will inspect and test returned products to verify failure mode, and determine warranty coverage.  If the failure is due to material or workmanship, Gates will repair or replace the product at no charge to you, including return shipment.  Repair / Replacement is the sole remedy under this warranty.  Repair parts, materials or entire replacement product may be remanufactured. Gates will inspect and pressure test returned housings to verify failure mode and warranty coverage determination.

Return Procedures:

  • Contact Gates for Authorization.  First Contact Gates for return authorization. Often a problem can be handled without returning a product to Gates, saving you time and money. Provide proof of purchase details.
  • Packaging.  If it is determined your product should be returned, pack your unit in its original packaging, if available.  Otherwise pack the product very carefully with plenty of protection, inside a sturdy box to ensure warranty coverage.
  • Shipping.  Return your product prepaid and insured to:
    Gates Underwater Products •  13685 Stowe Drive   Suite A   •   Poway,  CA  92064  •   USA
  • Inspection.  Upon receipt, your return will be carefully inspected and assessed for warranty coverage.
  • Non-Warranty Repairs.  For non-warranty repairs you will be advised as to repair costs prior to any work being done.

Warranty Transfer:   Gates Limited Warranties are not transferable.  However, Gates warranties can be renewed on Gates products purchased second hand.  Contact Gates for details.

Disclaimer:   The express warranties described herein constitute the only warranties with respect to Gates products and accessories, and there are no other warranties, express, implied, statutory, by operation of law or otherwise including, without limitation, warranties of merchantability, fitness for particular purpose, non-infringement or regulatory compliance.  Any other representations or warranties made by any person, including employees or representatives of Gates, which are inconsistent herewith shall be disregarded by client and shall not be binding upon Gates.