Seal Check II - 2x150dpi

Verify housing integrity before entering the water


Seal Check II represents the next generation in Gates legendary reliability by allowing confirmation of housing seals before entering the water – virtually eliminating water intrusion as a source of downtime and unexpected expense.

History reveals the top three flood causes are damaged o-rings, rushed setup and unfamiliarity with equipment. With Seal Check II there is peace of mind ahead of time.  A precise digital readout provides a clear indication of housing integrity -- giving you the go / no go decision -- and aids with troubleshooting should the need arise.  The electric pump quickly pulls a measurable vacuum, all contained in a small Pelican case.  Seal Check II is also available with an optional self-install kit for non-Gates housings, too.

Be assured your Gates housing is sealed and ready to capture your finest images 24/365. There is no need to take a chance… just take a Gates!

Compatible with nearly all Gates housings.

Key Features

Check Mark

Seal Verification

As the name implies, Seal Check II confirms seal integrity before entering the water.

Seal Check II 3Wx150dpi


Seal Check II is contained in a small Pelican 1150 case for compact travel.

Display 3Wx150dpi

Convenient and Easy

Seal Check II quickly identifies housing integrity in a few short minutes.  You have the go/no go decision.

Simplicity = Reliability

DEEP DRAGON Front 6x6 150dpi

Peace of Mind Ahead of Time

Be reassured your housing is sealed and ready to capture your finest images.


  • Seal Check II test kit n Pelican 1150 case
  • Housing Seal Check fitting (installed on housing)
  • Self install kit for housing Seal Check fitting (optional)
  • 8.2" D x 5.7" D x " 3.6 H ”
  • 21 cm x 14.5 cm x 9.2 cm
  • 5 lbs / 2.3 kg
  • 8 (AA)
  • Alkaline or rechargeable