Gates STO Training — Miami — 21/22 March 2017

Gates STO Training – Miami – 21/22 March 2017

Our good friends at RED have asked us to return next month for another Gates STO Course,  hosted at the RED Digital Cinema Miami Store.  This time students from the local universities are invited to join the intensive 2 day seminar, and extended a 50% savings on the course fee

Instructor: Ron Lagerlof, seasoned professional underwater RED shooter
Guide / Advisor:   Sean Ruggeri, RED Guru and professional underwater cameraman
Support Crew:  The entire RED Miami team.

Becoming a successful underwater professional requires several distinct skill sets including SCUBA Diving competence, underwater imaging experience, and underwater equipment familiarity.  Gates STO Training focuses on the later, providing a curriculum of knowledge on the Setup, Test and Operation (STO) of Gates professional underwater imaging systems.

The course goals are:

  • Proficiency in the setup of Gates underwater cinema housings;
  • Familiarity with on-location test tools and techniques for establishing housing seal integrity;
  • Basic operation of Gates underwater housings;
  • Camera specific considerations for the underwater medium: color, light, filtration and more.
  • Tips / tricks to assist the underwater cameraman / DP; and
  • Practical understanding of underwater optics: Port types, optical materials, selection and application

The Gates STO Training Certification sends the student forth as a Gates Ambassador with a resume skill to help secure work on TV / Cinema / Natural History productions, which of course benefit by avoiding downtime due to untrained equipment operators.

Course Fee for Professionals:              $450
Course Fee for Students (with ID):    $225

Register here:  GATES STO Miami 21/22 March 2017

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