Classic Nikonos Optics for Underwater Digital Cinema


The best camera in the world can’t make up for poor optics.”

This mantra forges Gates’ drive toward the world’s best underwater optics.  The Nikonos RS Adapter Kit is evidence, enabling the worlds finest underwater images through the use of Nikonos RS lenses on Gates Digital Cinema family of housings.

Designed by Nikon specifically for underwater use, the Nikonos RS suite of lenses – 13mm fisheye, 28mm, 50mm macro and 20-35mm zoom -- remain underwater glass par excellence.  They have a convenient bayonet mount / release system, and are fully integrated to Gates housings with ocus and iris functions mapped directly to the housing controls – a genuinely innovative design.   And of course the Nikonos RS Adapter Kit comes with Gates 2 year warranty and legendary service.

Compatible with Gates DEEP EPIC and DEEP DRAGON housings.  Future compatibilities planned.

Key Features

Integration 1x1

Full Integration

Nikonos RS lens Focus and Iris controls are directly mapped to the housing controls.

Convenient Bayonet Mount / Release

Easy, fast lens change.  No conflicts with Gates Seal Check system.


Compact Rig

The Nikonos RS lenses render a smaller overall system for easier travel and Natural History productions.


2 year warranty

2-Year Warranty

Gates is synonymous with reliability and support.  And only Gates offers a professional 2-year renewable warranty.


Required Components
  • Nikonos RS Lenses
    • 13mm / 28mm / 50mm / 20-35mm
  • Anodized Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel
  • ABS Polymer components
  • Variable, depending on configuration
Depth Rating
  • 250 feet / 76 m