Gates Underwater Products announces POV CAM Underwater Housing

Remote, Point Of View 4K Imaging for a wide variety of applications.

Gates Underwater Products – manufacturer of the world’s most reliable underwater housings – today announces the POV CAM Underwater Housing system.  Consisting of two unique housings –UMR20 Recorder and UCK20 Camera Head --  the POV CAM Point Of View system separates operator and subject by up to 60ft / 20m, opening up an array of remote 4K imaging opportunities.

Mounted as a polecam, the small and nimble UCK20 Camera Head can capture middle-of-the-action shark feeds, or underwater Polar Bears up close and personal.  Cave divers can look ahead into tight passages before attempting entry.  Shy marine critters like Garden Eels and Jawfish can be acquired from afar.  Or how about tide pools and surf shots?  The POV CAM system is readily adaptable to suit such wide applications.

Gates POV CAM system was designed in collaboration with Esprit Films and Television as a purpose-built underwater motion imaging tool for the Panasonic AG-UMR20 Recorder and AG-UCK20GJ 4K camera.

“Gates POV underwater systems have seen extensive use with Natural History productions at BBC Earth, Atlantic Productions and Silverback Films.  It’s a versatile tool for unusual shooting situations.”

POV CAM Features include:

  • Remote Imaging, up to 60ft / 20m between operator and camera head.
  • Full Camera / Menu management via UMR20 buttons and soft key controls.
  • Tailored design for Panasonic AG-UMR20 4K Recorder and AG-UCK20AG 4K Camera.
  • Fast and easy setup.
  • Expedition ready, POV CAM packs tight and travels light.
  • Hours of recording time on 2 SD cards and large 11800 mAh battery.
  • Versatile port options: GP32A Wide Angle with full zoom, SP32A Dome and FP32A/B Flat.
  • SDI Surface Feed Video and Seal Check Lite (optional).

“Gates is part of my production team.  I count on Gates to be there when needed.  Tech support, parts, whatever – response is fast and experienced.”

POV CAM is a Gates through and through.  Durable, reliable, ‘bulletproof’.  Backed by Gates legendary factory direct service and 2 year renewable warranty.  Only Gates offers this level of commitment to your success.

  • Price:                 Contact Gates
  • Availability: September 2018

Panasonic POVCAM Links:                             Website                 PDF Brochure

About Gates

Since 1969, Gates Underwater Products has produced the world’s most reliable underwater imaging systems. Using ‘bulletproof” machined aluminum, 100% mechanical controls, time-proven design methods, and state-of-the-art manufacturing, Gates housings are built to satisfy the most demanding applications.  Commercial divers, imaging professionals, marine researchers, salvage operators and military personnel all turn to Gates for the same reason: our "bulletproof" housings produce results 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. That's why they say:

Don’t take a Chance….Take a Gates!


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