Ultra High Definition in a Compact Traveler


The Gates AX100 combines Ultra High Definition UHD resolution (3840 x 2160) with a platform dedicated to underwater motion imaging: Instant auto focus tracks subjects; internal color correction flip filter; a big window for a clear view of the camera LCD viewfinder; compact, lightweight for travel; and an extraordinary 20MP still image capture.

Reaching the far corners of the world, Gates housings are tasked with demanding projects extending from marine research and military to television and cinema productions. Experts know that failure is not an option, so they never take a chance…. they take a Gates!

Compatible cameras: Sony FDR-AX100 / HDR-CX900

Key Features

4K Logo

Ultra High Definition

UHD brings a new level of resolution, clarity and sharpness to your underwater images.

Mechanica Controls XA25 3x3 150dpi

Simple, reliable field serviceable controls

User friendly controls are 100% mechanical -- no complicated mechanisms or electronics to fail.

Simplicity = Reliability  

LCD Window 2

LCD Window

Is your big, built-in viewfinder with wide viewing angles.

High Performance optics 2

High Performance Precision Ports

The GP34A Wide Angle port / Sony camera combination provides 100° wide angle coverage and partial zoom through support -- optical performance *not* found on a DSLR.

Field Service Icon

Field Serviceable

Gates products are nearly 100% serviceable in the field.

2 year warranty

Professional 2-Year Warranty

Only Gates offers a professional 2-year, renewable warranty on all housings.


Internal Flip Filter

for color correction is standard.

Durable Feature Universal


"Bulletproof" machined aluminum, black type III hard anodize finish and sealed with a nickel-acetate process.


Controls (All Mechanical)
  • Power
  • Record/Standby
  • Zoom
  • Internal Flip Color Correction Filter
  • Mode (Photo / Video)
  • Photo
  • Iris
  • Gain / ISO
  • Shutter Speed
  • White Balance
  • ND Filter
  • Auto / Manual Focus
  • Focus Ring
  • Custom Dial (Manual Focus / Exposure)
  • 11.4" D x 5.8" H x 11.4" W ” (16.2" w/handles)
  • 30 cm x 15 cm x 30 cm (41cm)
  • Machined Aluminum, Type III Hard Anodized finish.
  • Stainless steel hardware.
Weight in Air
  • Dry: 11.3 lbs / 5.1 kg (w/camera & GP34A Port)
Weight in Water
  • Slightly negative
Depth Rating
  • 450 feet / 137 meters
  • Accommodates all batteries up to NP-FV100

Port Options

The best camera in the world can't make up for poor optics. Poor optical design and materials introduce ‘image killers’ – distortions, aberrations, degraded resolution, or vignetting.  Gates family of Precision Ports are sharp and clear: the finest optics for the finest underwater images.  No image killers.

Professional to amateur, super wide to macro, Gates Precision Ports suit a wide range of needs, conditions and experience. Of course all ports are backed by our legendary customer support and the same standard of excellence expected of all Gates products.

FP32B 3W 150dpi

Flat (Macro) Port FP34A

A simple, versatile port, the FP34A is ideal for medium to macro imaging.  A diopter on the camera increase magnification for even smaller subjects.

Versatile Fish

The FP34A allows full camera zoom support for medium to macro imaging. 

Field Servieceable Element FP32B
Field Replaceable

The FP34A element is user-changeable in the field.

Close Up Kit
Macro Imaging

For tiny critters, the FP34A is perfect for use with close up lenses like +1, +2 and +4 diopters.

  • Optical grade Acrylic / Perspex
Element Diameter / Clear Aperture:
  • 2.8in / 71mm
Depth Rating
  • 450ft / 137m
Optical Notes
  • Flat ports reduce Field of View (FOV) by 20% underwater.
SP32B 3W 150dpi

Standard (Dome) Port SP34A

The SP34A is a classic dome design that preserves camera field of view (FOV) underwater. The acrylic (perspex) element is field serviceable / replaceable.

Classic Design

A simple dome element port that preserves the camera FOV at wide angles.  

Field Servieceable Element SP32B
Field Serviceable

Field Serviceable and replaceable dome element.

Dome Material
  • Acrylic / Perspex.  Field serviceable / replaceable.
Element Diameter / Clear Aperture:
  • 2.8in / 71mm
Dome Spherical Diameter
  • 8in / 203mm
Depth Rating
  • 450ft / 137m
Optical Notes
  • The  SP34A Dome Port is generally compatible with cameras only at full wide. Depending on the camera, it provides little or no zoom through zoom support.
GP32A 3X 150dpi

Wide Angle Port GP34A

A practical 'all in one' port, the GP34A performance ranges from Mantas to Nudibranchs.  A Gates workhorse.  The optical acrylic (perspex) outer dome element is field serviceable / replaceable.

100° Wide Angle Imaging

At the wide end, the GP34A provides 100° diagonal FOV with the AX100.   

High Performance optics 2
High Performance

From 100° wide angle to macro, the GP34A  supports partial support of the AX100 camera zoom range.

Al Shells 2 3x3 150dpi
Tough and Durable

A workhorse port, the GP34A has an aluminum shell and acrylic outer dome.  Depth rating 450' / 137m, 

Field Servieceable Element SP32B
Field Serviceable

Field Serviceable and replaceable dome element.

Dome Material
  • Acrylic / Perspex.  Field serviceable / replaceable.
Magnification / Field of View (FOV):
  • 0.8X / ~80-100° Field of View (Dependent on camera).
Replaceable Dome Spherical Diameter
  • 8in / 203mm.
Depth Rating
  • 450ft / 137m.


Optional Accessories

Seal Check II Index Page R1

Seal Check II

Verify housing integrity before entering the water. A Gates original.

Learn more....


SAGA Flip +5 and +10 Diopter

For the tiniest critter imaging, SAGA Dive designed and manufactures this Gates-quality flip in diopters in two strengths:  +5 and +10.  They are compatible with all AX100 ports.  Paired with the GP34 you have the widest range of imaging available in a single setup from Mantas to Pygmy Sea Horses.

Available at Optical Ocean Sales (USA)

Available from SAGA Dive (Europe)
Single Flip
Double Flip

XA25 Tripod

Gates Tripod

Extensible legs from 7 to 18" collapse down close to the housing when not in use.

GT14 FL 6Wx300dpi


New Gates GT14 underwater lights with 14,000 lumens and 90 CRI are available soon. 

Carry Handle

Carry Handle

Easy grip, transport and handling.

Water Alarm

Water Alarm

An extra measure beyond Seal Check, the Gates Water Alarm is provides both visible and audible warnings.  The siren is coupled directly to the housing shell and resonates directly to the water, rendering it unmistakable to a diver.



Special modifications are routine. You really can have it ‘just the way you like’.


AX100 Product Images

Right-click an image and open in a new window or tab to view full size.

AX100 FL 6x6Wx300dpi AX100 FR 6x6Wx300dpi AX100 LR 6x6Wx300dpi AX100 RR 6x6Wx300dpi AX100 FF 6x6Wx300dpi

AX100 Frame Grabs

Point Loma, San Diego, CA.   July 27th, 2014.  Captured by John Ellerbrock.
Right click and select 'Open in New Window' to see the full frame 3820x2160 image.

GaribaldiOrig Kelp Bass Lobster Scopion Spanish Shawl 1 Spanish Shawl 2