Ultra Low Light Underwater Imaging

Exploring frontiers in the underwater realm, the new Gates ME20 Housing pairs Canon ultra low light technology with Gates legendary reliability.

The new Gates ME20 Housing system is designed to push the boundaries of underwater motion imaging, revealing natural bioluminescence, moonlit reefs, dark caves and other light challenged scenes without the aid of additional, artificial lighting.  Such breakthrough imaging is enabled by the Canon ME20F-SH camera, capable of incredible low light performance up to 4 million ISO.

The seasoned professional will recognize many signature features in the Gates ME20 Housing: precision mechanical FIZ control of any PL or Canon EF lens; durable machined aluminum and stainless construction; clean, uncomplicated, user friendly design; Gates precision ports for clear, sharp images; extensive line of accessories and custom configurations; and Seal Check II for housing integrity verification.  Experts know that failure is not an option, so they never take a chance…. they take a Gates!

Compatible Cameras:     Canon ME20F-SH / ME200S-SH 


Key Features

Starlite HD5 Compact External Monitor Housing (included)

Designed specifically for the Transvideo Starlite HD5 (not included), the ST5 is a compact 5" / 125mm HD display with Corner Controls for peaking, vectorscope and more.  The larger TVL55 External Monitor housing is optional. 

Mechanical Controls

Clean, uncomplicated design

User friendly controls are 100% mechanical -- no complicated mechanisms or electronics to fail.

Simplicity = Reliability  

Adjustable Grips

Adjust the handles for perfect grip and convenient access to controls.

SP80 1x1

Precision Ports™

Quality optics means clarity, sharpness and NO vignetting (cutoff dark corners) to spoil your images.

Gemini Recorder. 3x3 150dpi

Integrated RAW Recorder

The Convergent Design Gemini is provisioned into the ME20 Housing.  Other recorders available on a custom install. (Gemini not included).

Adjustable Controls

Set the Focus / Iris / Zoom control just the way you like: close, mid or stacked knobs make fine lens adjustments easy. 


Extensive Lens Support

The ME20 accommodates a wide variety of Canon lenses.

GATES Lens Compatibility.

Gates Recommended Lenses for Flat and Dome Ports 

Adjustable Buoyancy Trim

Adjustable Buoyancy and Trim

Add /remove trim weights for ideal buoyancy and balance -- a key to stable, fluid shots.



Have a unique application?  Shooting style?  Special setup needs?  Gates routinely custom modifies housing to your requirements -- just the way you want it.  

Seal Check II Index Page R1

Seal Check II

The Gates Seal Check II is included with the Flex 4K and assures housing integrity before entering the water.

Learn more....


2-Year Warranty.
Legendary factory direct support.

Gates is synonymous with reliability and support, and only Gates offers a 2-year, renewable warranty on all housings.

Extensive Accessories


An extensive suite of accessories is available for cinema, Natural History, broadcast TV, research, and military applications.  


Controls (All Mechanical)
  • Power On/Off
  • Record / Standby(on Gemini Recorder)
  • Assignable x 2
  • Direct lens coupled (manual) Focus
  • Direct lens coupled (manual) Iris
  • Direct lens coupled (manual) Zoom
Dimensions: Basic Shell

Transport size with 8" dome, PR126

  • 18″ L x 11″ H x 11.6″ W (15.5” w/Handles)
  • 46 cm x 30 cm x 30 cm       (39 cm)
  • Machined Aluminum, Type III Hard Anodized finish.
  • Stainless steel hardware.
Depth Rating
  • 250 feet / 76 meters.
Weight in Air
  • 17 lbs / 7.8 kg (Housing only, transport)
Weight in Water
  • Fully adjustable buoyancy / trim
  • Gates 8 cells Lithium Ion battery.  Over 2 hours run time.
Included Items
  • ST5 External Monitor shell only (StarLite monitor not included)
  • Gates [infopopup:seal-check] system
  • Pelican Case
  • Tool Kit / Spare Kit / O-Ring Kit
Equipment Required
  • Camera: Canon ME20F-SH or ME200S-SH camera
  • Convergent Design Gemini recorder / media.
  • Transvideo StarLite LCD Monitor
  • EF lens of choice.  GATES Lens Compatibility Reference

Monitor Options

Starlite ST5 External Monitor Housing

(Monitor housing is included with MINI Housing. Transvideo Starlite HD5 is not included)

The Gates Starlite ST5  is specifically designed for the Transvideo Starlite SDI monitor / recorder (not included), a compact, smartphone-size 5.0” / 125mm color LCD.   Accessible on the Starlite LCD via the ST5 housing are 'Smart Corners' with direct access to a variety of functions including histogram, vectorscope, waveform and peaking.  The Startlite ST5 is a swivel-base mounted External Monitor for viewing, framing and focus at any angle --  even in bright sunlight.  The ST5 is powered by connection to the ALEXA Mini camera, eliminating extra batteries and size.

Of course, the Starlite ST5 External Monitor housing comes with Gates 2 year renewable warranty and ‘bulletproof’ construction.   Reliable, durable, dependable – the Gates hallmark since 1969.

Compact Size, Widescreen Display

5" / 125 mm widescreen display.

SDI Interface

is robust and reliable.  

Starlite 1x1
Assignable Button Control

Corner controls on the touch screen provide user-assignable functions.

2 year warranty
2-Year Warranty

Only Gates offers a professional 2-year renewable warranty on all housings.  

Power Bolt
External Power

The ST5 draws power from the camera for a more compact size and no additional batteries needed.  

  • Transvideo Starlite HD5 (not included)
  • Widescreen 5 .0 inch / 125 mm color LCD
  • 1280 x 720 resolution
  • Power
  • Assignable x4
  • 6.6" W x 5.5" D x 4.1" H (including shade & swivel mount)
  • 16.7cm W x 14cm D x 10.4cm H
Input Formats
  • HD-SDI / 3G-SDI
  • Frame rates: 24P, 25p, 30p, 50i, 60i
  • Machined Aluminum, Type III 'Hard' Anodized finish
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Dry: 3.75 lbs / 1.60 kg (w/batteries)
  • In Water: 6 oz / 170g negative
Depth Rating
  • 250 feet / 76 meters
  • 2-Years Renewable
Cable / Connections
  • Marine-grade multi conductor cable
  • Gates Pass Through bulkhead connector
Power / Run Time
  • N/A -- power is received from camera

Starlite ST5 Setup, Use and Care Guide

Starelite ST5 Feature Sheet

TVL55 External Monitor

The TVL55 External Monitor is a compact, feature-rich external monitor option for Gates broadcast and cinema caliber underwater imaging systems. Designed specifically for the TV Logic VFM-058W field monitor  (not included), the TVL55 is a full 1920x1080 resolution on a 5.5" / 14cm diagonal display.  A variety of focus and exposure tools are available like false color, zoom, peaking, vectorscope and waveform.  Three assignable buttons give quick access to your favorite, most used functions.  Of course the TVL55 is backed by Gates 2 year professional, renewable warranty and legendary customer service.

Designed for TV Logic VFM-058W Field Monitor

with access to full menus and assignable controls.

Water Blocked Cable

has a tough polyurethane jacket.  A Gates original design.

LCD 5.5in Full HD
Full 1920x1080 Resolution

on a 5.5in / 140mm diagonal display.

Focus and Exposure Tools

Vectorscope, waveform, peaking, false color and zoom.  

Battery life
2.5 Hour Run Time

from two Canon LP-E6 low profile LiOn batteries.

2 year warranty
2-Year Warranty

Only Gates offers a professional 2-year renewable warranty on all housings.  

  • TV Logic VFM-058W Field Monitor (not included)
  • Assignable x 3
  • Menu / Menu Roller
  • Power
  • 7.5"W x 6.8"H x 4.3"D
  • 19cm W x 17.2cm H x 11cm D
  • Gates HD-SDI Bulkhead Connector
  • Two Canon LPO-E6 low profile batteries.
  • Run time 2.5 hours.
  • Other battery options available by custom order.
  • Machined Aluminum, Type III 'Hard' Anodized finish
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Marine grade cable with polyurethane jacket and water block
  • Dry: 4.1lbs / 1.7 kg
  • In Water: 1 oz / 28g negative.
Depth Rating
  • 450 feet / 137 meters
  • 2-Years Renewable

TVL55 Feature Sheet

TVL55 Setup, Use and Care Guide

Port Options

The best camera in the world can't make up for poor optics. Poor optical design and materials introduce ‘image killers’ – distortions, aberrations, degraded resolution, or vignetting.  Gates family of Precision Ports are sharp and clear: the finest optics for the finest underwater images.  No image killers. Professional to amateur, super wide to macro, Gates Precision Ports suit a wide range of needs, conditions and experience. Of course all ports are backed by our legendary customer support and the same standard of excellence expected of all Gates products.

Gates Lens Compatibility Reference

Gates Recommended Lenses for Flat and Dome Ports


FP80 Flat Port

Due to its larger front element, the FP80 supports a variety of medium to macro lenses – including external zooms. A simple, versatile port option.  Both Acrylic (Perspex) and Glass versions available.  

Versatile Port

The FP80 supports a wide range of lenses for medium to macro imaging. 

AR Coated Glass

BK7 glass element with Anti Reflective (AR) coating is optional.

FP80 Shades

Shade choices include W075 (standard) and Macro (optional)

FP80 Replaceable Element
Field Replaceable

The FP80 element is user-changeable in the field.

  • Optical grade Acrylic / Perspex (standard)
  • Anti-reflective (AR) coated BK7 glass (optional)
Element Diameter / Clear Aperture:
  • 7.4in / 189mm
  • W075 (standard)
  • Macro (optional)
Depth Rating
  • 450ft / 137m
Optical Notes
  • Flat ports reduce Field of View (FOV) 20% underwater.
SP80 6Wx300dpi

SP80-8 Dome Port

The SP80-8 is an 8in / 203mm spherical dome port that preserves field of view (FOV) underwater, and is ideally suited for wide to fisheye imaging.  Medium to macro, too, when paired with compatible macro zoom lenses.  Anti-Reflective (AR) coated glass or optical grade Acrylic (Perspex) versions, the latter field serviceable / replaceable.

Versatile Port

For medium to wide and fisheye imaging, the SP80-8 supports a wide variety of lenses

SP80 6Wx300dpi
AR Coated Glass

The SP80-8 is available with either Acrylic / Perspex dome or BK7 Anti-Reflective (AR) coated glass domes. 

SP80 Replaceable Dome
Field Serviceable

Field Serviceable and replaceable dome (acrylic / Perspex only)

Material Options
  • Acrylic / Perspex
  • Anti-Reflective (AR) coated BK7 glass
Element Diameter / Clear Aperture
  • 7.5in / 190mm
Dome Spherical Diameter
  • 8in / 203mm
Depth Rating
  • 450ft / 137m



SP80-10 Dome Port

SP80-10 Dome Port

The SP80-10 is a 10in / 254mm spherical dome port that, like it's smaller SP80-8 sibling preserves field of view (FOV) underwater for wide to fisheye imaging.  The SP80-10 however, exhibits superior compatibility with rectilinear lenses, mitigating the soft corners classically found with dome ports in general.  This particularly beneficial with certain cinema PL mount glass like Arri Master Primes and Ultra Primes.

The SP80-10 is available in Anti-Reflective (AR) coated glass only.

Versatile Port
Superior Rectilinear Compatibility

For medium to wide and fisheye imaging, the SP80-10 excels at rectilniear imaging, particularly with PL mount cinema lenses.

SP80 6Wx300dpi
AR Coated Glass

The SP80-10 is made of optically pure BK7 Anti-Reflective (AR) coated glass domes. 

SP80 Replaceable Dome

The SP80-10 is compatible with hundreds of lenses.  Click link above for Gates Compatibility Reference 

Material Options
  • Anti-Reflective (AR) coated BK7 glass
Element Diameter / Clear Aperture
  • 7.5in / 190mm
Dome Spherical Diameter
  • 10in / 254mm
Depth Rating
  • 450ft / 137m



custom ports art

Custom Port

Gates Precision Ports extend to custom designs for specific applications like underwater UV imaging or Corrective Optics (CO) that adapt a specific lens for underwater imaging, and eliminating distortions / aberrations.  Contact Gates to discuss your particular application.

Included Accessories

Seal Check II Index Page R1

Seal Check II

The Gates Seal Check II is included with every DEEP DRAGON and assures housing integrity before entering the water.

Learn more....

Starlite 1x1

ST5 External Monitor Case

The ST5 External Monitor housing is included with the ALEXA MINI Housing.  It is designed specifically for the Transvideo Starlite HD5 field monitor.

Learn more about the ST5 on the "MONITOR OPTIONS" tab.

Travel Case

Travel Case

Travel Case(s) have rollers and retractable handles.

Spare Kit

Spare Kits

O-rings, tools, hardware

Carry Lanyard 3Wx450dpi

Carry Handle

Easy grip, transport and handling.  

Optional Accessories

Port Rings

Port Rings

Support a variety of PL and DSLR lenses.

HD-SDI Cable 3Wx150dpi

HD-SDI / UHD-SDI Surface Feed

Need topside DP monitoring? High speed digital SDI video feed is available.  50 to over 300 feed, the link includes gold contact connectors and certified coaxial cable. 

Knob Extension

Knob Extensions

Finer control of focus and iris, even with gloves.

Water Alarm

Water Alarm

An extra measure beyond [infopopup:seal-check], the Gates Water Alarm provides both visible and audible warnings.  The siren is coupled directly to the housing shell and resonates directly to the water, rendering it unmistakable to a diver.

Tripod Adapter

Tripod Adapter

Use your own underwater tripod with this adapter.  

GT14 FL 6Wx300dpi

LED Lighting

New Gates GT14 underwater lights with 14,000 lumens and 90 CRI are available soon.  



Special modifications are routine. You really can have it ‘just the way you like’.

ME20 Housing Supported Equipment



Canon ME20F-SH or ME200S-SH


Transvideo Starlite HD5 (in Gates ST5 External Monitor housing)
TV Logic VFM-058W (optional, in Gates TVL55 External Monitor housing)

Gemini Recorder. 3x3 150dpi


Convergent Design Gemini RAW Recorder