Since 2006, I've used Gates underwater housings for all my underwater filming and wet topside work. Over those years of love and abuse during thousands of dives, the bulletproof Gates HVX200 (HD 1080p) and Z100 (UltraHD 4K) housings have worked flawlessly every time. As a cameraman often battling the elements in the fickle underwater world, where tides, current, swells or silt can end a shoot, it's good to know that after the seal-check and pre-dive checklist, the cameras and housings are the part of my kit I don't need to worry about. For any unrepeatable dive—as most dives tend to be—where electronics would have the potential to fail, I love the security of Gates' all-manual controls, and in the Z100 they've even given us full menu access. The Z100's optics teamed with the Fathoms SWP44C produces images better than what my eye can see—for the first time my video recordings are sharper than my memories. There has never been a better tool than the Gates Z100 to help me record every fish species in the Indo-Pacific.

Josh Jensen

Undersea Productions



Josh Jensen underwater-camaermana-schooling-batfish

Josh Jensen underwater-filming-whaleshark 

Josh Jensen freediving-underwater-filming-bluewater

Josh Jensen,