"I, Bob Cranston, being a world-traveling, and not-so-famous-yet videographer, do solemnly swear that I have beaten and abused my Gates Underwater housing unmercifully. I do not take very good care of it. Frankly, I don't see any reason to do so. My Gates housing has been used on dozens of projects, for all the big-name broadcasters. My Gates housing just keeps working. The only thing electronic in my DV video system is the VX1000 camera, which does fail from time to time. But the Gates housing has never failed me. My best professional tip is to hire a professional, like me, to shoot video for you. If you insist on buying your own underwater housing, it had better be a Gates."


Bob Cranston


Digital 3D Sea


Bob Cranston films in 3D digital

Bob Cranson, http://www.digital3dsea.com/